About Airox Face Masks

Airox face masks are made from advanced textile technology from Baltex one of the UK's leading textile companies. They provide you comfort and security. 

  • The Airox AX100 and Airox AX110 are textile face covering masks produced with stretchy 3XD Spacer fabric - developed for medical textiles by our parent company Baltex in the UK.
    It provides:

    • Snug fit and comfort
    • Good coverage of face and mouth
    • Anti-bacterial
    • Machine washable - 40oC
    • Breathable
    • Reusable
    • Treated with Viral Off treatment* 

The fabric is made from Polyester and Lycra and is treated with a durable water repellent finish to avoid the absorption of droplets. They are also anti-bacterial reducing odour and providing superior comfort compared to basic textile masks. Many masks are made from Cotton and will absorb moisture and water droplets.


We also offer the AX120 - Knitted Face Mask which is anti-bacterial and is suitable for commuters and travellers.

Airox is different. It also works great as an outdoor sports face mask and can be used for pollen allergy, running, cycling, outdoor activities, woodworking and construction work.


Below are some pictures of the different steps before the mask arrives in your hands (production, inspection, packing):